My top muscle car list

Title says, my list of top 15 muscle cars, Music is Lost in america by alice cooper.

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top 20 coolest american muscle cars with seven nation army background
Hey folks. i made a vid about my favourite 20 muscle cars. if you want a list of all the cars, tell me. enjoy!

Look my video is a very good video for amators of muscle cars at the end you will look the name of the song in my video GOOD WATCHING!!:):):D:D

Abandoned Muscle Cars In America 2016. Old abandoned drag and rare cars in junkyard.
My partner - - Best exploring abandoned places Amazing selection about cool abandoned sports cars in forest. Neglected autos in the woods. Deserted cars in forgotten junkyard in USA. Abandoned vintage cars. Rusty cars and vehicles.

Best Muscle Cars Ever
A video all about Muscle Cars! It says "New and Improved" at the beginning because I had an earlier muscle car video on an earlier account you might know as "Kubatastic", but it was disabled.