Golf GTI Black (chip + scap 2.5") x Civic Si+(chip) x Civic Si+( filtro intake) x BMW 130

um peguinha entre amigos. sem loucuras apenas diversao! Si Prata + chip, Si preto socado com intake, golf GTI 180.+scap 2.5"+ chip etanol. BMW 130 stock mecanica. OBS: Filmagem by Musquito de dentro do civic Si preto!

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SUPER BATTLE!! Golf GTI Clubsport 265 - 290Hp Vs León Cupra 290Hp Vs Civic FK2 Typer R 310HP - FWD
Sound and Battle the 0 to 250 Km/h for the Golf GTI CLUBSPORT Vs León CUPRA 290 Vs Civic FK2 TYPE R!! We do NOT own the VIDEO MATERIALS and all credits belong to respectful owners. In case of copyright issues, please contact us immediately for further credits or clip delete. Thanks!! Credits: (L'argus) (Automann-TV) (Automann-TV) (Automann-TV) (L'argus) (Automann-TV) Thanks! Thanks for watching and suscribe! For more comparatives and sounds My Channel: Comparative Cars Channel!