2008 G37s Burnout with Fujita intake

2008 G37s Burnout with Fujita intake

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G37S w/ IPL kit doing donuts

2008 G37S Slide
Cousin Chomby doing a quick testing on his 2008 Infiniti G37S. Watch in HD!!!

G35 vs Supra
A modified Supra runs into a group of modified G35s, then lines up with a Vortech supercharged G at a light. The honks at the beginning are when we first notice the Supra, even though you can't see it from where my camera is mounted. We give him an open lane, he bites, and things get pretty crazy from there. Enjoy! Edit: Camera car = Saturn Sky Red Line

Infiniti G37S Top Secret Lip Kit
Cruisin South Florida WildWes