How to Repair or Replace a Fuel Pump : Draining Gas Tank for Fuel Pump Repair

Learn how to prepare a vehicle to drain the gas tank when repairing or removing the fuel pump with expert automotive tips in this free online auto repair and car maintenance video clip. Expert: Howard Fleischmann Bio: Howard Fleischmann is a majority partner and active manager of Community Tire & Auto Service Specialists, which has seven locations throughout Arizona. Filmmaker: Bill Zervakos

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How to Replace a Fuel Pump : Removing Fuel Tank to Change Fuel Pump
Disconnect fuel tank wire connections. Learn about the steps for replacing the fuel pump in the gas tank of your Lincoln Continental in this free auto repair and car maintenance video. Expert: Jeffery Fiffie Bio: Jeffery Fiffie has 10 years of auto mechanic and management experience. He is able to do brake repair and tune-ups, including engine analysis, fuel injection and suspension analysis. Filmmaker: Jeff fiffie

How to Change Motorcycle Spark Plugs : Remove the Fuel Tank
Learn how to remove the fuel tank when changing motorcycle spark plugs using the tips from a street-bike performance and maintenance expert in this free video. Expert: Jesse Grahm Bio: Jesse Grahm is an Assistant Manager at a Tampa Bay motorcycle performance shop. He is experienced in both performance upgrades and maintenance of street bikes. Filmmaker: Adolph Ramirez

How to drain your car fuel/gas tank
I have just put the wrong fuel in my car.......argghhhhh!! If you have ever put diesel in your petrol car or petrol in your diesel car, you will know that it is a extremely cost and time consuming mistake. With misfuelling costing the UK over £150m per year it is clearly a common problem, for more information on this subject go to my blog on

How To Remove The Fuel Tank In the third installment of the AutoZone Complete Car Care - Fuel Pump Series, Bruce Bonebrake shows how to remove a fuel tank.