Arab Aventador Seized by Police within 48 hours!

The ULTIMATE Supercar Community This glow in the dark Aventador was seized by the police within the first 48 hours of being in London. Reports from the police say that the wealthy Qatari owner did not have any insurance or his license. Let's hope that we see it out again very soon. Thanks to @GurpsKandola (Twitter) for this video!! His company: The Video Box London. SEARCH IT! SUBSCRIBE 4 DAILY supercar videos! Stay Connected: Twitter: Facebook: Blog: Personal Twitter: Clothing Brand: Thanks for watching!

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Tron Aventador Shooting EPIC FLAMES in London!
The Epic Qatari Aventador recently made headlines as it was seized by the police for insurance issues, but now it is back on the streets and it is fair to say back with a bang! Nasser Al-Thani was driving his Tron style Lamborghini Aventador in London and firing EPIC FLAMES. It is fitted with an LB Performance Kit, ADV.1 rims and a decatted Exhaust which sure can make a lot of noise and fire some impressive flames. Enjoy the video and as always please comment, like and Subscribe to JBB013 for more Arab supercar madness!

The Great Arab Supercar Invasion in London, Summer 2015
Since the end of Ramadan, the streets of London have been filled with crazy and colourful supercars from the Middle East. It is like a London - Arab supercar motorshow in Knightsbridge. Here are just a few of the crazy hypercar combos and awesome sounds from this month. Enjoy! Keep up to date with all things JBB013: Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook:

World's MOST Powerful McLaren 570s?!
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I still cannot believe I was part of this, but here is the exclusive first look of the customized Rolls Royce Wraith 'George' from Jon Olsson! His video should be live now as well so go have a look at that video too! Enjoy! Check out absolute motors: Liked the video? Click the 'like' button, comment, and subscribe by clicking the links below! Please subscribe and follow me: Subscribe: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: My partners: Guerrilla Exhaust: - Youtube: - Website: - Facebook: - Instagram: XcarWrapping: - Website: - Facebook: - Instagram: