airless tire

" Airless tires, biking and running video. If ran into the tire does not pop, even if stored long-term the tire will last longer than normal tires."

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britek ERW Bicycle Big Kahuna bike shop demo
britek ERW Bicycle Big Kahuna bike shop demo. ERW "In Wheel Suspension" 29" MB Bicycle Composite Hoops! Bike shop visit

Cool Airless Tires for BICYCLE in action
Cool airless tires for bicycle in action. Non pneumatic tires. Website:

ERW New Composite Airless 29.5 x 2.5 Carbon / Kevlar
Less fateague, more speed with our go anywhere ERW airless bike tire...The Wheel you want.

Britek ERW Bicycle MTB Wheel Efficiency...#autonomous Future
Welcome to the future of bicycle technology. ERW© The benefits of removing the air from tires completely has been known since the beginning. ERW© Patented Airless Design make bicycling safer and more efficient. Obstacles slide under the ERW© wheels with precision and ideal comfort, and keeping the tread on the tire. Our design can be created to have fully adjustable tread ride comfort, road or trail conditions. The future is rolling forward, hitch a ride. Pop on over to for more info on all of our patents and how to invest in this cutting edge technological breakthrough and become a pioneer of the airless revolution. We are looking forward to licensing our patents, gaining friends and investors, as well as building partnerships. We are also looking forward to to hearing from you! Music By Trevor Morris song title "One Good Quality" the artist is 'Debunker