Installing Wheel Spacers for Toyota 4x4 Solid Front Axle. The pros and cons of using wheel spacers.

How to install wheel spacers on a Toyota 4x4. My thoughts on using wheel spacers, some of the pros and cons of using wheel spacers, and some of the tricks I've learned in dealing with wheel spacers over the years. Generally, I'm a fan of wheel spacers. The biggest thing is just to realize that you've deviated from the factory tolerances and that parts (like wheel bearings) are going to wear faster from strain that falls outside the design parameters. but, if you're running tires big enough to need wheel spacers, you probably know that already. I say it in the video, but I can't say it enough: Check those nuts that hold the spacer on often. Wheeling rigs have a freakish ability to loosen everything attached to them.

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Wheel Spacers - Are They Safe?
This video is to discuss wheel spacers and their safety. Personally, I use them in the winter on my Tundra, I think they can be safe if you get the right ones. However, the wrong spacers can be extremely dangerous! Please be careful...

4Runner SAS Build-Up
Some pictures of my sas and buildup with a few poser shots at the end. 1990 Toyota 4Runner-22RE-5 speed-TG 3" front/4" rear-35" BFG M/T-4.88's-rear LSD-front TruTrac-MC Rear Bumper-TG DOM Sliders-TG Parts were from either Marlin Crawler or Trail Gear

Howto Install 2" Bora Wheel Spacers (2014 GMC Sierra 1500)
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2" Wheel Spacers to fit 33"x12.5"x15" Tires
1999 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L 4x4 Quad Cab. The wheel spacers I ordered off an ebay shop called TheLugStore, their prices seemed the cheapest around but they sell new equipment and have quick shipping. With this truck if you put these spacers on here with non-deepwell rims you can fit 33x12.5's onto the truck with no rubbing. After these were on the steering wheel jiggles a bit at around 70 MPH but that is just because I need to have the front end balanced out