KF Laser 0-100km/h

Kyle doing a 0-100km/h in his KF Laser Livewire 1.6L carbi. This is a base time before commencement of mods.

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Ford laser, scraping noise
Ford laser, scraping noise. You can hear it clearly at 56 seconds.

my kf tx3 laser reving sound, BP motor.
in my driveway, 2.25" cat back, to a varex (2.5") muffler, rev on loud then quiet then half way then back to loud. then on the road with the window down then up.

update on my 93 ford laser kh ghia
just put new hoses clamps and smd lights in boot and dome light. gave it a flush new plugs etc waiting for things in the mail and will be doing a new video soon of my puppy his growing up very fast

ford laser 1993 modifikasi,dirayamobile
ford laser