Max'd Out Racing at 2010 NHRDA Desert Diesel Nationals

Max'd Out Racing Duramax goes 9.84 at NHRDA Desert Diesel Nationals

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Bully Dog Cummins Drag Truck vs. Max'd Out Duramax - Dragstrip Launch
Bully Dog's Cummins powered drag truck squares off with the "Max'd Out" Duramax at Redding dragstrip. Footage is from the 2012 Jefferson State Nationals, unfortunately the camera cut out before they made it to the finish line and therefore the video is cut short.

Max'd Out runs 9.36 @ 152MPH! At this weekends race "Diesels on the Mountain", in Denver, Colorado, Idaho Rob ran Max'd Out an astonishing 9.36@152MPH! Which is now the new world record for MPH in the 1/4 mile! In his other run, he reclaimed his previous world record for fastest E.T. in the 1/4 mile at 9.47!

Duramax Drag Racing
10.79@127 in Boise, Idaho

Rob Coddens and Maxd'Out 10 15 2011 at Firebird Raceway Boise Idaho 9 36 second E T at 149 1 mph