Make up stuff Okay to clear up the confusion the falcon punch guy is's from snl, and the one with the black kid in the bathroom is fake also. If would have known that I wouldn't have put them in this compilation...also I am not making any money from this. I took the videos from someone else and put them in a compilation, so why should I profit from it? Music is Max Riolo And Ladj-Excellent Original Mix LINKS TO ALL THE VIDEOS!! guy punching monitor girl running soldiers reaction guys scare reaction guy screaming bathroom prank fat guy scaring little kid COMPILATION scare Fear Funny Scared Maze Game Screaming Humour Scary Prank "Scary Maze" "Practical Joke" funny Comedy Laugh Humor Jokes Hilarious Crazy

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Best Of Elevator Pranks | Ultimate Elevator Funny Scare Prank Compilation 2016
☺ Video Name : Best Of Elevator Pranks | Ultimate Elevator Funny Scare Prank Compilation 2016 ☺ Edited By : Watch Me ☺ Pranks Used In This Video : BEST OF ELEVATOR (REMI GAILLARD) Menina Fantasma no Elevador (Ghost Girl's Extremely Scary Prank An Elevator) So Real it's Scary PEGADINHA׃DIARREIA 4 no elevador (Diarrhea in the elevator Prank) MORTAL KOMBAT ELEVATOR PRANK! ☺ About Channel : Each day,I research web for funniest, most unbelievable, greatest clips-pranks, funny moments and more. I compile these clips and upload them to Watch Me YouTube Channel. If you want to support this channel please hit a like or Subscribe and don't miss updates. Thank you. ☺ Check Our : Website : Twitter : Google+ : Facebook : YouTube : Watch Me : Watch Me 2 : Watch Me TV Entertainment : ☺ Music Used In This Video : Intro Song : Outro Song :