Infiniti Keyless Entry Remote Replacement Programming

Visit us at Keyless Entry Remote Programming Instructions for Infiniti Remote Key Fob Keyless Entry Keys, G35, I30, I35, fx35, fx45, qx4, qx56, THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR THE PROXY KEYS!!!!!! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE TRYING! IF AT ANY TIME YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, START AND STOP YOUR CAR, EXIT THE VEHICLE AND START OVER. THE REMOTE CAN BE ONLY PROGRAMMED WITH A MASTER KEY 1. SIT IN CAR WITH DOORS AND WINDOWS CLOSED. 2. LOCK DOORS WITH POWER DOOR LOCK SWITCH ON DRIVER’S DOOR. 3. PUT IN AND PULL OUT KEY FROM IGNITION APPROX. 8 to 11 TIMES OR UNTIL YOU SEE THE HAZARD/TURN SIGNAL LIGHTS FLASH. YOU NEED TO DO THAT IN LESS THEN 10 SEC (older models lights may flash after 4 or 5 times) 4. WHEN HAZARD LIGHTS FLASH , PUT KEY IN IGNITION AND TURN TO THE ACC POSITION.(when your hazard lights flash your car is sending a signal to be received by the remote) (ON 2005 AND NEWER MODELS THE GAUGE NEEDLES MAY JUMP A LITTLE INSTEAD) 5. PRESS LOCK BUTTON ON THE NEW REMOTE, LIGHTS SHOULD FLASH AGAIN. IF YOU HAVE 2 REMOTES, 1 NEW AND 1 OLD OR 2 NEW ONES, PLEASE CONTINUE WITH STEPS 6 AND 7. IF NOT, SKIP TO END. 6. PRESS UNLOCK BUTTON ON DRIVER’S DOOR, THEN LOCK BUTTON ON DRIVERS DOOR, LIGHTS WILL AGAIN FLASH 7. PRESS LOCK BUTTON ON 2ND NEW OR OLD REMOTE. LIGHTS AGAIN WILL FLASH. YOU ARE DONE. EXIT VEHICLE AND TRY YOUR REMOTE. IT WILL NOT WORK FROM INSIDE CAR OR WITH KEY IN IGNITION. Note: if your hazard lights flash after inserting your key in and out, but you can't get the remote to program, you may have a dead battery or the wrong remote. If instructions do not work, do it again but when you get in - shut the door, buckle seat belt and lock doors, then proceed to putting key in ignition

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