Saisoku: Banned from Japan

Are you ready for the most exciting illegal street racing you've ever seen? Experience the underground street racing circuit on the streets of Japan with incredible rare footage that put YOU in the car with the drivers as they hit speed in excess of 200 MPH+! At undisclosed locations deep within the mountains of Japan, witness midnight touge runs where it's common knowledge that a simple mistake will cost your life! On the infamous Tokyo Bay, watch as the drivers defiantly disregard the law and rip it up on the streets ... in BROAD DAYLIGHT! Be treated to exclusive footage of the ADVAN Drift Cup and Battle Magazine's Drift event, two competitions where the REAL drifters compete. Find all this and more within the covers of .. SAISOKU. US Contacts: Saisoku Production, Speedhawaii LLC. International Contacts: Saisoku Production, Speedhawaii LLC. Kazu Takahashi

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Wangan racing - Team Midnight racing in Tokyo Japan
Wangan racing - Team Midnight racing in Tokyo Japan

Japan : Street Life メイハムメディア Street drifting illegal
☆ PRE-ORDER NOW ☆ // The Underground Hero cinematography book is now officially available for pre-order! Order Now : メイハムメディア Facebook : Instagram : #maihammedia 日本のストリートドリフト。 Every weekend dedicated groups of automotive enthusiasts will gather from midnight until the early hours of the morning to leave rubber on the streets. This is where drifting started, this is grass roots raw street drifting. Getting caught by the local authorities is not an option with fines up to and over 500,000円 ($5,600 USD) and instant loss of your license. This is just another night of street life. Film / Edit / Grade : Luke Huxham

Full throttle japanese HIGHWAY street racing
Japanese Street Racing Compilation Song: O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Overhead Champion Remix) Download link:

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