Die Ford Capri Story [German]

Die Ford Capri Story

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JOCHEN MASS "Universalgenie"
Jochen Richard Mass[1] (born September 30, 1946, in Dorfen, Bavaria) is a former race car driver from Germany.

Capri 2.0S cosworth, 0-200 km/h and 100-230 km/h
This is my old capri 2.0S with cosworth 2.0 YB engine, t5 gearbox and atlas 3.44 + zf motorsport lsd rear axle. Earlier the engine gave 364 hp but after rebuild with wrc-pistons, long H-profile rods, ported head + bd16 cams it has not been Dynoed yet. Let´s see after turbo swap. The guitar player is my relative. His playing and this Deep Purple`s old song sounds good to me and hope you like it too.

Top 15 Ford Capri mk1

Produktion Ford Capri MK1 1970 - Ford Werke Köln
Fliessfertigung Im Autobau