Die Ford Capri Story [German]

Die Ford Capri Story

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JOCHEN MASS "Universalgenie"
Jochen Richard Mass[1] (born September 30, 1946, in Dorfen, Bavaria) is a former race car driver from Germany.

Capri 2.0S cosworth, 0-200 km/h and 100-230 km/h
This is my old capri 2.0S with cosworth 2.0 YB engine, t5 gearbox and atlas 3.44 + zf motorsport lsd rear axle. Earlier the engine gave 364 hp but after rebuild with wrc-pistons, long H-profile rods, ported head + bd16 cams it has not been Dynoed yet. Let´s see after turbo swap. The guitar player is my relative. His playing and this Deep Purple`s old song sounds good to me and hope you like it too.

Produktion Ford Capri MK1 1970 - Ford Werke Köln
Fliessfertigung Im Autobau

Ford Capri GT Restoration
This late Mk1 Capri came to us as an older restoration in need of metalwork. We have replaced both A posts, one front wing, both sills and an entire rear quarter panel. Numerous repairs were carried out in other areas too such as the edge of the floor and scuttle corners. The video follows the reassembly of the car after receiving an external repaint and heavy coat of waxoil. A new headliner and vinyl roof are also fitted during this process. With the car mostly complete and running it was then returned to the customer where they will complete the last bit of assembly work and put the car thorough an MOT.