1963 Pontiac Grand Prix top speed run

Nothing like a V8 and especially when it's in a great big 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix. On the way home from Woodward Dream Cruise 2011

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1963 pontiac grand prix 389
1963 pontiac grand prix 389 V8 daily driver

1963 Pontiac Grand Prix
Restored factory original 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix for sale. Fremantle, Western Australia

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Top Speed Run

1999 gtp 85 to 150 top speed
85-150 in my 99 gtp. 3.25 pulley headers intake tune shift kit filmed on closed course For the non believers here is the pic of teh gps during this video. The video when uploaded cut a little bit off the end. http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h321/coreyparth/IMAG0045.jpg