PT Cruiser Engine Mounts. Part 2

PT Cruiser engine mounts are not designed to last very long. This is just a rough look at what worn mounts can look like. It is reasonably an easy job to do, BUT if you are going to replace the 3rd mount, which is more or less centre of the motor, be prepared to drop the motor to change it. There is next to no room to even undo, let alone removing and replacing the mid mount. ALL 3 mounts are on the one side of the engine, Why 3??? I dont know but dont be shy to try do it yourself. As top and bottom are reasonably easy to change. Why i put this together, was because i couldnt find next to no info on the PT,s engine mounts, so this will give a very rough look at how it all goes.

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Replacement of Front Motor Mounts - 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4L Non-Turbo
In this video we replace the motor mounts on a 2.4L non-turbo 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser. This motor was jumping all over the place under the hood before we replaced the motor mounts. We also found a stripper and sheared bolt on the central motor mount which explains a lot about this failure. This is a difficult job, but very doable with patience.

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