Starting Mechanical Injected Powerstroke - Double Overtime

Thats a lot of ether used to start that thing. The truck is "Double Overtime."

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7.3L powerstroke sled pull double overtime
This is Ben Millers 7.3L at indy IRP DHRA 2007. 1500+hp powerstroke with a mechanical injection pump.

"Smokin Addiction" P-Pumped 7.3 Powerstroke
P-Pumped 7.3 Powerstroke 3.0 pulling truck built by the guys at Unlimited Diesel Performance

2000hp Cummins Diesel Warm Up
Shane Kellogg's "Gotta Have It!" Super Stock Sled puller. 2000+ hp, 6.7L Cummins-based. Compound turbos, 127mm atmospheric. 150+psi of Boost. Start up and Warm up.

Double Overtime, Ben Miller, Scheids Diesel Extravaganza 2011
Ben Miller, Freetown Indiana, Double Overtime Pro Stock Truck