Alfa Romeo GTA

Short video I made on my iPhone using free ap splice. Car belongs to Alfaholics.

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The beauty of Alfa Romeo, 1960s.

Alfaholics 216BHP GTA-R Chasing Porsche 911 GT3 RS, 8m15s official BTG laptime
On board Max's Alfaholics 216BHP GTA-R setting 8min 15sec official BTG whilst chasing modified 996 GT3 RS

Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Conversion Alfa Romeo 105 Series
Demonstration of Alfaholics 6-speed sequential gearbox conversion for Alfa Romeo 105 Series. Test car fitted with optional upgrade to pneumatics controlled full throttle upshift and throttle blip downshift system - this can be operated by WRC style paddles or buttons as per ther test car. This upgrade is controlled by an intelligent ECU system which monitors gear position, rpm, throttle position and ignition advance. Pneumatics controlled via onboard air tank and compressor unit

Alfa Romeo GTAm in Spa Francorchamps Inboard
Alfa Romeo GTAm 1750 inboard in Spa Francorchamps beim 3h Rennen des DUNLOP FHR Langstreckencup