Jeff Bush's ETS Powered 1G

Jeff Bush's ETS and English Racing Powered 1G w/ 4202R turbo and Tial Housing

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Jeff's ER Built 42R 1G 900+hp AWD 1g DSM Talon Dyno pulls on 2 different DynoJets
Best watched in 720hd some times the 360p is all choppy Best hp is 961whp Best 1/4mi is 9.3@158 with 800whp English Racing motor,Transmission and tuned

GSX 850whp 42R turbo
GSX 850whp 42R turbo

1g DSM AWD Turbo Auto-X, Farmington NM
Still running novice class, I came in a very close 2nd behind a guy in an SRT-4 with lots of work in it running Hoosiers. I was squealing a set of almost dead Kumho Ecsta ASX 245/45/17.

Rusty's 1G DSM (launching on street)
An old video from 2004 heading to the Forced Performance Shootout at MMP. The car was mostly stock, aka: BPU.