Jeff Bush's ETS Powered 1G

Jeff Bush's ETS and English Racing Powered 1G w/ 4202R turbo and Tial Housing

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ETS 42R Turbo Kit - 9.43 @ 157 MPH!!
ETS 42R turbo Kit Runs 9.43 @ 157 MPH!

ETS GT-R Top Mount Turbo Kits Takeover DUBAI - F-Performance
Not bad for their first outing with our Top-Mount turbo Kits! F-Performance Built & Tuned GT-R's making their first passes and going after the Dubai & World Record. White car has our ETS Top Mount 7675 - Black car has our ETS Top Mount 7275 Follow them on Facebook:

STOCK BLOCK Dsm 4g63 record!!! Ostar Motorsports
Thanks to all who made it happen!

Photo Finish! Panda DSM vs 800hp GTR Dig Race
An Iveytune built 800hp+ GT-R comes out the wood work to take on the infamous Panda DSM...what an ending!