Sunoco Camaro Celebrates a Tribute to Trans Am Racing at The Petersen Automotive Museum

Come to the Tribute to Trans Am Racing at The Petersen Automotive Museum Thursday, November 12 to see this legendary car and its peers, meet Trans Am racing icons, and hear how they bent the rules, plus cocktails, dinner, an auction of Trans Am memorabilia, a short film, and more! Trans Am race cars will also be on display from November 12 - December 13! Tickets are available at:

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A Ford GT40 That Never Saw A Race Track
New CarStories Podcast Available Every Tuesday Of the seven Ford GT40 Mark IIIs built, only four were delivered with left hand drive like this car. This rare street-legal example (serial #MK3 1105) was originally owned by well-known Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan, who drove it sparingly—and never in the rain. The Mark III differed from earlier versions in that it had round rather than oblong headlights, an extended rear deck with room for luggage, a less rigid suspension and a more comfortable interior. Powered by a 289-cubic-inch 306-horsepower Ford V8 engine coupled to a ZF 5-speed manual transmission, the low-slung car can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 5.3 seconds. Top speed is approximately 165 miles per hour. The GT40 model designation was derived, in part, from its low height, which was a mere 40 inches from ground to roof. More Photos Here:

Jim Hull fires up his 1935 Bugatti 57SC
Jim Hull fires up his 1935 Bugatti 57SC. Listen to the epic Exhaust SOUND

The Petersen Automotive Museum Takes Their Bugatti EB 110 for a Spin
Despite popular belief that cars in Museums never get driven, the Petersen Automotive Museum exercises many of the vehicles in its collection on a regular basis. Starting vehicles and taking them for even a short drive keeps seals and gaskets from drying out and leaking, keeps the mechanical parts of the vehicle clean and lubricated, and can actually extend the life of the car. Join us as we take our Bugatti EB 110 for a spin! If you would like to see this EB 110 and other exotics from our collection, come to The Americana At Brand in Glendale, California this Sunday, October 11 for a Supercar show. The world's fastest production cars will be presented in this once in a lifetime display! For more show information, go to:

Davis Divan: Let's Build This 3-Wheeled Car Together!
More Info on Indiegogo Here: x/9894338 We at the Petersen Automotive Museum want to work with the Indiegogo community to restore this 3-wheeled 1948 Davis Divan back to its original glory. We're hoping to raise $30,000 in order to do so. After World War II, dozens of entrepreneurs formed companies to manufacture automobiles to meet the pent-up demand for new cars. Gary Davis built and promoted a particularly unusual car with aircraft-inspired styling, disappearing headlights, four-abreast seating, aluminum body construction, and the simplicity of three wheels. It was touted as the car of the future. Due to postwar material shortages and a lack of capital, Davis could not realize his dream of mass-producing his car and only about 17 vehicles were built in a hangar at the Van Nuys Airport. Impatient investors and would-be dealers and buyers who had put deposits on cars they never received brought legal action against Gary Davis. Though convicted of fraud, Davis steadfastly maintained his innocence for the remainder of his life.