Mgb drift fail

Mgb Gt Drifting

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'Drifting' my MGB GT :)
Weekly Challenge 2: Do donuts/drift your car Facebook: A new series I'm trying out, which I'm calling the weekly challenge. The idea is that you challenge me to do something (legal) with my car. This week, I have been challenged to do donuts, or drift, my car. So I took it to a skid pan to show some MX5s who's boss. Thanks to VT SV and RBD Photography for filming, and to Mission Motorsports for letting my borrow the skid pan for a bit. Write in the comments what I should do with my car next week. Every video will be uploaded on a Wednesday at 5pm. Flickr: Instagram: @adamc3046 Link to recommended video:

Terry Savory MG B GT roll at Thruxton
Terry tries to go a little too quick through the S's at Thruxton

How much power has my MGB GT lost in 43 years? - Dyno run!
I put my car on a Dyno to see how much power it has lost over the years. Facebook: Secret Cruises invited me to Surrey Rolling Road to take pics and vids at a Dyno day that they were hosting. While I was there, I decided to put my car on the Dyno to see how much power it had lost. The MGB GT had a claimed original BHP of 95. The reading of the Dyno was 79.9, which records the wHP, rather than bHP. But simply speaking, I had only lost 16hp from new. Technically speaking, wHP is roughly 15% less than the bHP, so my car's original wHP would've been 80.75. So my car had realistically only lost 0.85wHP over the years, which is fantastic! I had managed to reach 105mph in my car (With an accurate speedometer) when I attended VMax-200 at Bruntingthorpe runway. So I know my car still had most of its power it originally had. Flickr: Instagram: @adamc3046 Link to recommended video:

Supra Mg vs. o6 GTO
Supra Mg @ 20 psi, MT drag radials no burnout vs. 06 GTO on slicks and Nitrous. MG wins by a few cars but the GTO was quicker than I expected.