Studebaker startup after 17 years

I found this 54 Studebaker in a driveway in Martinez CA. in 1999. This is the same car shown later in "My dad's old Studebaker", which, by the way, isn't really his dad's old car. His dad's car went to a close friend of mine.

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1963 Studebaker Lark starts up
After 2 years of catch-as-catch-can work, the newly rebuilt engine in my '63 Lark 2-door sedan fires up. Woo hoo... the sweet sound of s Studebaker V8!!!

Happy New Year - Starting the 55 Studebaker
A Happy New Year and alot of me trying to get the 1955 Studebaker started.

1953 Studebaker on the Dyno
1953 Studebaker with a souped up 289 Studebaker V8 bored out to 302ci. This one has a custom intake with side draft Weber carbs. Hear the roar of a true Studebaker V8 through Avanti style glass-pack mufflers.

1950 Studebaker Bullet Nose Custom in Black Paint & Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile
On "My Car Story" we're at Steel Dreamz, LLC in Chandler, AZ on 1-11-17. We're looking at a 1950 Studebaker Bullet Nose Custom in Black Paint. We’re talking with the Owner Scott Cawley. Scott a Fan of the Studebaker and decided to create this custom as his daily driver. The car has the 1950 look, with a updated suspension so it rides and drives like a new car, and engine is a new motor to add extra horse power to increase the fun factor. If you’re interested in buying a collector car, or if you're looking for service and restoration work, you can contact Scott at Steel Dreamz, LLC at 3295 N Nevada Street, Chandler, AZ 85225, call the office # 1-480-659-9792. Or go to ENJOY!