rx7 turbo dyno

directfreaks turbo rx7 gets the haltech tuned on Dyno by crispeed and shows most of the things that have been done to it. this is one of the best 1st gens. check out www.rx7club.com

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Crispeed V8 Kila
The Crispeed 685whp V8 Killing Rx-7. This is not my car.

SA22C First Generation 1982 RX7 with 13b Turbo Rotary Dyno
I know this is off topic. My old Rx7 that I really do not drive..it's been sitting for such a long time. Mild turbo II motor that is 227 rwhp..good street ride. Full Coilovers, Tokicos Illuminas. Panasports. I still am not sure what I will do with this car since it gets about 10 mpg...omg.

turbo 1st gen rx7
turbo swapped 1st gen rx7 runs 10:88 at the dragstrip

DirectFreak's RX-7 (FB) burns 350z
DirectFreaks 1st Gen turbo RX-7 playing around w/ a 350z then race at the end. Winner RX-7 =) What a sleeper RX-7. Last time I check it had 480rwhp but this video is old so it most likely broke 500.