9 Second Turbo Civic Hatch vs 10 second turbo integra, drag race

New England Dragway September 25, 2011 New England Dragway's Import Faceoff. turbo Honda Hatch 9.66 @ 156.14 MPH turbo Integra (Joe Breton) 10.69 @ 137.39 MPH Believe the integra was on street legal tires.

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RWD 1g DSM 10 second drag race, Kevin Jewer 10.63 @ 126MPH evo 3 16g
UPDATE: 10/12/11 Kevin went 10.31 @ 129mph, new et record for evo 3 16g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bcTH7oGALM Kevin Jewer still improving with the e316g on his 1g rear wheel drive eagle talon. Best pass of the night was a 10.5x @ 125.xx, missed recording it. Kevin will be back out on 10/7/11 after some transmission adjustments hoping for a 10.3x. New England Dragway September 30, 2011. New England DSM.

9 Second T4 Turbo Civic Coupe
Strada Front end Sac raceway

741whp DADDY Built GSR Integra Sedan || POWER MODE: FEATURE: Josh Moore 2014
Check out this mighty little monster - 741whp/473trq @ 34psi on C16 race gas. 2.0 GSR with a PT6262 strapped on and hood exit Exhaust, this 4dr will ensure a quick grocery trip! 2014 Power Mode Feature. Track videos coming soon.... Thanks for watching, hit the THUMBS UP! SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Facebook.com/PowerModeTV IG: Power Mode TV Email: PowerModeTV@gmail.com

1g AWD DSM Eagle Talon drag race vs Skyline , win lights
Look for the win lights at half track. Both drivers know each other and it was all in good fun. The honda loving crowd was going crazy for people putting on the "win lights" so the skyline driver followed suit and the crowd loved it. New England Dragway September 25, 2011 New England Dragway's Import Faceoff. Jimmy Read in his 1991 Eagle Talon Tsi in the final round vs a mid 90's Skyline Jimmy 11.60 @ 122.46 mph vs Skyline 10.75 @ 132.14 mph both on street tires. New England DSM.