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saga 1.3 standard vs kancil L200 turbo

saga 1.3 standard vs kancil L200 turbo


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kancil turbo
spec td04 with eterna injector

Proton Saga Turbo Green JB
Malaysia's 1st Proton Model thats been Modified and kept in pristine condition by owner Ahmad Shafiee a.k.a Peah a.k.a Mat..

kancil drift
Bad Flip during R3 Time Attack.

1996 Perodua Kancil 660 Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour and Quick Drive

Budak sekolah laju 3gp
laju je die

SAGA BLM Sprinting Karak Highway
PROTON SAGA BLM 1.6 Manual sprinting Karak Highway

daihatsu L5 vs kancil L2 part 2

kancil turbo vs wira vs 4AGE
main kat dpn mahkamah putra..

Perodua Kancil 882t 3rd gear pull
my perodua kancil 3rd gear pull from 50km/h at 1.3bar Boost

Kancil Turbo at Jan Garage
Rebuild and new setup..Daihatsu Mira turbo Engine with "JAN GARAGE"

Kancil Drag.mp4
Kancil Drag

kancil supercharge
this is Perodua kancil use L200S engine and converted to supercharge.. the engine running on instant Boost about 6psi, max Boost 8psi..and the supercharge sound is just like F1..

Perodua Kancil 850cc Turbo 0-170km/h in-car
850cc turbocharged Perodua Kancil speeding from idle to 170km/h with 1.1bar Boost and gear change at 6700rpm. 0-100km/h timing is high 6s, almost 7s actually. Thank God no more clutch slip in this vid lol For spec click here : http://www.oocities.com/flamefox850/

Perodua Kancil (Nippa) with standard Mira L200 engine with LSD 0-100km/h
this video is made as a benchmark for tuners/modifiers out there, especially for daihatsu mira/kancil enthusiast so that u know how is STANDARD mira L200 engine with manual LSD transmission acceleration.. this engine have been up Boost to o.8 (u can see the Boost meter peak reading is 0.9, but the meter has -0.1 errror reading) pls note that this video is made during sunny weather (bout 2p.m).. this car has no scoop for front hood,so the performance may drop a lil bit.. and the car has been running for more than 2hours with high rev... so the temperature in the engine bay is high.. this will affect the performance of the car.. and it still using a standard 1.6" Exhaust with s-flow muffler.. and with lousy and fat driver..hehehehee.. this video also were made not in straight road (can see the fuel gauge drop a bit,then return to normal when stop due to cornering)..with full tank of petrol aboard.. i'm very sorry for the rattle and shake in this video.. not properly mount the camera to the dashboard.. the acceleration start at 0:07 and reached 100km/h at 0:17..approximately 10~11sec from 0-100km/h.. p/s: i know my car is cheap, buruk, old engine, old car or what so eva.. i didnt ask u to watch.. i made this video for mira/tuners/modifiers enthusiast..! enjoy..!

l200 turbo new video
got in running better

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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