2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 without Launch Control

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ZR1 & ZL1 Launch Control & NO LIFT Shift - How To & RACE
How to & Demo of GM's Launch Control & No Lift Shift in a ZR1 Corvette and the ZL1 Camaro. We tested out the capabilities of the GM launch control & no lift shift on a modded ZR1 (15lbs pullies & full Exhaust) and a stock ZL1 Camaro a while back and wanted to show you how it performed. In the end, the launch control was fairly useless on the ZR1 because it needs some better tires for the power it has, but the no lift shift was a blast, especially when it came to the sound! We hadn't seen a how-to video that explained it that well, so we decided to make our own! Enjoy!

Launch Control and Manual Transmission Camaro ZL1

2014 1LE SS Camaro 1/4 Mile Run Launch Control
Stock 2014 Camaro SS 1LE

My ZL1 with launch control and no lift shift 0 to 105 mph
ZL1 0 to 105 MPH / Launch Control & No Lift Shift