09 WRX - ChipTorque Dyno

09 WRX tuned at ChipTorque http//:www.chiptorque.com

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OzMPSclub Dyno Day - Wardski (with Ezy-FLASH)
OzMPSclub Dyno Day @ChipTorque 14th November 2009. http://www.ozmpsclub.com 2nd run of the Subaru STi Spec R with ChipTorque Ezy-FLASH fitted.

2009 WRX dyno run
2009 Subaru WRX on the Dynojet Dyno at Mach V Motorsports. turbo-back Exhaust, drop-in air filter, open source ECU tuning. Third gear (of five). SAE correction 0.96. Mach V Motorsports 45690 Elmwood Ct. #170 Sterling, VA 20166 (571) 434-8333 www.fastwrx.com

2009 WRX exhaust and Tunnel Run
Just a video i made using some videos around my computer of my car i am going to make a wrx movie though very so so look forward to the trailer!

WRX Launch
Local autox, summer 09, my best launch of the day.. the rest could use some help lol