09 WRX - ChipTorque Dyno

09 WRX tuned at ChipTorque http//:www.chiptorque.com

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Subaru Forester XT vs VW Golf GTI
Drag Racing at Luskville. Pass 01, first time out at a drag strip.

How to unlock your Ezy-FLASH Pro
Quick instruction on how to unlock the Ezy-FLASH Pro from your vehicle. Perform this process to remove the Ezy-FLASH product from your vehicle and reflash the original tune back into your vehicle. An unlocked Ezy-FLASH Pro can now be used on another compatible vehicle.

2004 WRX Wagon 311WHP/336WTQ - COBB Tuning Plano
311 WHP / 336 WTQ 2004 Subaru WRX Wagon with 2.5L "hybrid" engine build. Blouch 16gEvo3 turbo charger. Tuned using the AccessPort at COBB Tuning's Plano, TX facilities on 93 Octane and 19 psi. http://www.cobbtuningplano.com Click below to see this Dyno graph on our Dyno Database Online! http://plano.cobbtuning.com/Dyno/index.php?gb=0&hp=1&torque= 1&Boost=1&rpm=1&sl=1&sln=1&runid1=473&rgb1=00000 0255

How To Install a Short Shifter for 09 WRX
How To Install a Short Shifter for 09 WRX Here is a short video on a 30 min install. More Videos to come for '09 WRX Subie Mods.