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En dag på strippen - Emmaboda 2009 - Syclone Robban

Robban kör 402meter på 9.63s och en sluthastighet på 234.2km/h


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Syclone AWD World record 8. 76/161 mph
This weekend we was at Kjula Raceway. It was a test and tune weekend. Saturday was good weather, Sunday was gonna rain, so we only had one day to tune. The track was ok, but not fully prepped and superglued, but it was good enough for us, compared to the street :) We got 5 rounds, 4 of them was 8´s Of course we are running E85.=)

Insane Volvo "152"
Totte 152 kör på Emmaboda motorfestival OBS Oklistrat!!

Syclone Mantorp 2007
Fast Syclone

GMC Syclone Emmaboda Sweden BAD ASS TRUCK from Mr Storm Trux
The very cool and well done Syclone made by Gunnar Larsson, Eriksmåla, Sweden. Mr Storm Trux

Syclone: last race 2010 with engine blowup
Hi all Sy/Ty-lovers! I have put up my last film of season 2010. This season has been my most troubled season. There has been something wrong with almost every part in the car :) The main problem have been the new MSD7 digital. The engine has misfired and we never found the problem, but we new something was wrong. At my last race we found the problem, but then it was to late, I didn´t have any spare ignition with me. We also had a converter failure on the same race, but I had one spare with me, and we changed to that. But unfortunally the MSD stopped the race :(Even with a bad MSD we managed to run 8,8 sec. 162mph earlier in the season 2010, not bad! All the problems is mostly due to ware and age, except the MSD (junk). The film is of course in Swedish, but I think that you get the idea when watching it :) Hopefully 2011 will be my year :) Reaching my goals and times.

Mr Syclones 8 Second Syclone
The worlds fastest SYCLONE! Robert MrSyclones 8 second Syclone

syclone: Worlds fastest 8.85/160 mph!
Worlds fastest Syclone

Emmaboda Strippen CyklonRobban

En dag på Strippen Emmaboda 2009 - Scania T124
Mikael Johansson, som kör truckracing i bl.a. Kina, släpper lös sin 5,5 ton tunga Scania T124 med över 1000 hk på strippen i Emmaboda 2009-05-16

Robert Pothorcki's Syclone World Record (8.76 at 161 MPH)
Precision turbo Boosted Robert Pothorcki, AKA "Mr Syclone", goes 8.76 at 161MPH to set the Syclone World Record during a test and tune weekend at Kjula Raceway!

Syclone vs 00TA
street racing betweet a sprayed ls1 ta and a turbo upgrade gmc syclone.

Supercar Volvo Turbo 275 km/h @ 7.90 s
www.hunchbackracing.se for pictures and facts! From Sweden comes this 1953 Volvo called The Carbonfiber PV (Kolfiber PVn). It has a 16V, 4 cylinder, 2192 cm3 (133 cui), 1050 hp volvo engine. From 0 to 275 km/h in 7.90s in 402 meters (1/4 mile). It has run faster though.

Bilsport Action Meet 2009 - strippen part 1
Blandad action från kvartsmilen! NEXT PART HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzJHNeihqLA&annotation_id=annotation_318456& feature=iv

Bilsport Action Meet 2009 - strippen part 2
Mer strippkörning från den 1 augusti 2009 på Mantorp!

Karlsson "Silver S2" kör 10,52 på Emmaboda 2008!
Andreas Karlsson kör personbästa på Emmaboda, 10,52/402 meter! ;0)

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