2009 Dodge Challenger 5.7L RT 6 Speed Stock 0 to 60 timer

Just a quick test of the built in 0 to 60 timer. No Houses, no cars, no kids, no bikes. Stock everything RT, Mopar Cia. Thats it.

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5.7 Liter V8 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T 0-140 and 0-60 top governed speed acceleration run
Dodge Challenger R/T multiple 0-60's and a 0-140. Flooring it the entire time, mid grade gasoline (89 octane). Do not attempt. Shows speedometer entire time, and 0-60 meter on 0-60's. (Three 0-60's).

2015 Dodge Challenger RT 0 to 60 in 4.8
2015 Dodge Challenger RT 8 Speed Auto @ 500ft. Best run so far, 4.8 seconds 0 to 60.

Speed Shifting Supercharged 6 speed Challenger
http://www.speedysgarage.net After lots of practice speed shifting becomes second nature.

Dodge Challenger R/T HEMI 5.7 Exhaust sound STOCK vs BORLA