Dale Earnhardt Interview - Post Race 1997 Daytona 500

Dale Earnhardt's interview after the wild crash he had in the closing laps. The actual hood off of this car was sold at auction on the GoMotorBids website (see our youtube channel for the video featuring just the hood). If you're an Earnhardt fan or collector, be sure to check GoMotorBids for some of the most unique and sought after Dale Earnhardt collectibles and memorabilia available. Plus lots of great deals on diecast cars and other automobilia!

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1998 Daytona 500: Victory Lane celebration
Dale Earnhardt pulls into victory lane a champion of the Daytona 500 at long last, as CBS' Ken Squier is there for the interview. Track president John Graham presents Dale with the Harley J. Earl trophy for his victory.

Dale Earnhardt Flips & Wrecks Car Then Gets Back In and Continues Race
During the 1997 Daytona 500 Dale Earnhardt gets into the wall, bumps Jeff Gordon and then gets hit by Dale Jarret. He gets sideways as a result and flips the car then gits hit while upside down by Ernie Irvan. Car is a mess. Last thing we see is Dale getting out of the #3 and getting in the ambulance. Come back from commercial and they show a graphic for cars out of the race. Dale is not on the list and the announcer must notice because you just hear a few second of silence. Then next thing we see is Dale back in the car on pit road and him barking out orders to his pit crew. meanwhile, the pit crew is taping parts of the car back on in order to satisfy NASCAR rules. Then we hear Dales explain how he wound up back in the car. Most men would have called it a day after going through such an accident.....Not Dale! What an amazing competitor he was! NASCAR will never be the same!

NASCAR Pass in the grass ALLSTARS 1987
Dale Earnhardt cuts throught the infield but maintains his lead over Bill Elliott.

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Fights, Arguments and Temper
They didn't call him The Intimidator for nothing. Footage is owned by: NASCAR, ESPN/ABC, TBS, IROC and Fox Sports. Footage was originally uploaded by: Rhodes Berry, cubs604, Jacob Hernandez, OldSchoolNascar, Mike S, mdp4499, Battalionfan888, SKracing, NASCAR, armonsol, dobmembersclub, VIPLex, bpar73 and BestMotorsportFan.