2013 New SUBARU FORESTER - Exterior & Interior

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The Subaru XV takes on the Land Rover Defender
The Subaru XV competed with the Land Rover Defender across a series of difficult obstacles, which put both vehicles through their paces. Find out which vehicle came out on top. To try the Subaru XV for yourself, and begin your XV Adventure, head to: www.subaru.co.uk/test-drive-request. Join the conversation with #SubaruUK on our channels: Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialsubaruuk Twitter: @subaruuk Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/subaruuk Instagram: @SubaruUK #SubaruUK #ConfidenceinMotion #XVAdventure

4代目フォレスターturbo2.0XT インプレッション
2012年四代目新型フォレスター2.0XTに試乗しました  低速かあら盛り上がるトルクとスピード シートも本革??かな?(合成革か?)サイドサポート もしっかり体をホールドしていて快適でしたが・・・・ ・・・ターボ仕様は1.6tあるのでブレーキが効かない^ ;かな~。 後は・・・燃費でしょうか^^;

2014 Subaru Forester Dubstep Mix
I really enjoy my Subie so I wanted to share it with everyone. Im no pro producer or video editor so please be easy on me! I've been working on my Forester with some minor mods to bring the sporty side out of it. Details: Color Satin White Pearl Wheels Enkei M52's 18x8 45 offset Lugs Makuni Closed end Forged Front Aero Subaru STI spoiler Rear Aero OEM Subaru BRZ rear aprons Engine dress up Subaru Performance Tuning Tint 3M Solar Shield 35%

スバル フォレスター 登坂路デモ走行 @キラキラウインターランド2012
スバルフォレスターがX-MODEを駆使しして、フジテレビ大 階段に挑む。