Aston Martin One-77 engine, acceleration sound & other Aston

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Aston Martin ONE-77 awesome Sounds!
Here is a video of ONE-77 number 18 I spotted in London recently. This car is Arabic and is one of the many Exotic cars in London after Ramadan is over. Subscribe: Supercar Scene: This car is from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and it is just stunning. It is Pearl White and features Red and black interior. I think those Colours go really well with each other and make this car look even more stunning. Flickr:

Aston Martin One-77 Start-up & accelerations in Monaco
Here is a compilation of different videos I have made of this one-77 in Monaco. My facebook page :

RARE Blue Aston Martin ONE-77 - Lovely V12 SOUND!!
There were 2 incredibly rare Aston Martin One-77's at an Aston Martin event very close to where I live which was cool. One was a white one which I saw at Vmax, but the other was a Latvian registered dark blue one with blue wheels which in person looked incredible! Damn they sounded good as well when they fired up the engines!!

Marussia B2