BATMOBILES RACING - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 1)

Welcome to Super Power Beat Down, the show where you debate, discuss and then vote to decide who would win in a legendary battle! We travel to all the biggest conventions and interview the fans to hear who you all think would win! After totaling the online votes, we create an action packed battle for you all to watch! The series was co-created by Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke. The series is produced by Aaron and Sean Schoenke. Make sure to visit and vote every month for who you think should win! Be sure to check us out at FACEBOOK.COM/BATINTHESUN

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STAR CARS- Batmobiles United! (Pilot: Special Report)
All 5 unique Batmobiles, together for the first time ever! Athena interviews the builders and experts, and uncover some Dark Knight Rises spoilers in this pilot of our award-winning web-series Star Cars. Watch More Episodes: STAR CARS: an award-winning web series profiling famous movie and TV vehicles and the owners who love them. We can't get enough of TV and movie car replicas! And if you can't either... The Crave Star Cars Hub: Like us on Facebook- Follow Host Athena Stamos on Twitter:

Support us on Patreon: We have T-Shirts now! Hang with us on FB! A huge thanks to our kickstarter supporters, including: Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki, author of "Leave the Birds Alone" (, James Conason, and Cody D Walton. Our prop guns and tactical gear is from Our prop melee weapons are from We filmed this using Blackbird Stabilizers from CMR, LED lights from, and the Kessler Crane. Updates about projects on our blog:

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