Homemade Tractor

Homemade 4X4 Tractor. 4 wheel drive articulated tractor with a Chrysler 318 and 904 automatic transmission.

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Gravely 4WD Tractor Build / Drive Through the Woods - Part 9
The drive video is finally here! Did very well on the hill behind the house. Crawled over most everything I put it through even with the turf tires. One of these days I'd like to come up with a set of AG's for it. There are a couple things that still have to be done such as brakes, fenders, paint, and head lights. But I think those will come later on. Mainly glad that its finally done and out of the garage. One less project on the list!

Homemade Tractor - Installing blade power angling
Installing a new control valve and cylinders for power angling.

Homemade Tractor 4x4 with snowplough
"Ořík Syncro" 1.4 Diesel VW Polo (1Z), Coldstart, electric winch, 4+1 slow, More on: www.nasetraktory.cz

Student-built 4x4 articulated UTV waltzes through the mogul field
This video beautifully shows how the articulated oscillating bodies on our BUV allow for all four tires to stay on the ground even through extreme terrain. The vehicle is 4WD and uses a Yanmar 10 HP diesel engine, '89 Nissan pickup 5-spd. transmission, transfer case, and differential and a Dodge pickup differential. Using standard Japanese surplus components helps to keep the cost low. We also had a PTO-driven Hypro pump to fill and empty the barrel. I mentored two senior eng'g. students on this project, one of them being Caleb Shelburne who is driving in this event.