Homemade Tractor

Homemade 4X4 Tractor. 4 wheel drive articulated tractor with a Chrysler 318 and 904 automatic transmission.

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Homemade tractor pulling the neighbour's bushes
Using my homemade 4X4 tractor to pull a few bushes from the neighbour's front yard.

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Finalen i Hastighetsplöjning ute i Fardhem 21 maj 2016
Finalen i Hastighetsplöjning ute i Fardhem på en stor åker 21 maj 2016 Filmat av Olof Söderberg Visby The final of the speed Ploughing out in Fardhem on a large field May 21, 2016 Filmed by Olof Söderberg Visby

Homemade Tractor - Installing blade power angling
Installing a new control valve and cylinders for power angling.