Twisted Fish - AirRide

Bob showing me how the Air-Ride works on Twisted Fish (70 Hemi Cuda Project). Happy Husband!!

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Twisted Fish moves on it's own power (70 Cuda)
After a lot of pain, the NAG1 auto stick looks like it's gonna work.

Top 10 Worst Car Replicas Part 3
Here it is the third part of the worst car replicas I could find. The music sucks a little bit more than usual since I had issues with a song that was suppose to be free to use and ended up being of a big company that makes soundtracks for commercial purposes. Once more, you can see the worst offender found trying to mimic fancy sport cars with terrible results. No, your nissan is not a Lamborghini and you Pontiac Fiero has nothing to do with a Ferrari. Please don't forget to subscribe !!

Project Dark Horse in Action
'69 Mustang, "JohnyMustang's Custom Fabrication, Work in Progress".

Rides Joe Rogan 70 Cuda TLC sick fish full custom cuda
a video i had laying around that i thought should be on youtube i'm sure not alot of people have seen it by the way sorry about the resolution that is how it was recorded Rides. Joe Rogan's Sick Fish 12 Oct. 2004 i do not own or claim to own this media hope you enjoy and please comment