StarCity Racing Winter 2006 racing

some cold weather racing from Lincoln NE on friday night

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StarCity Racing - 91 Talon TSi vs 2000 Camaro Z28
AWD holeshot... got some top end on him though

Local News Report On Street Racing With Hilarious Cavalier
A report from our local news talking about some new legislation that will target street racers. Not very funny in itself, except when they bring out a local Cavalier owner as an example of someone who owns a "souped up" car. Almost too funny.

50 trim SRT4 12.5 @ 111mph
2004 SRT4 running 12.5 @ 111mph at Kearney Raceway Park. The car was having issues idling full rich so traps were inconsistent throughout the day. 1.8 60' on MH 24.5x8.5x15 slicks with 16psi in them. Launched too high, hard to watch rpm and tree at the same time with no launch control. -agp 50 trim @ 20is psi -agp return line, walbro 255, rc 750cc injectors -pump gas -agp fmic, hard pipes, hks bov -3" tbe -act clutch

Star city street racing
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