Fred's 1974 Dodge Van

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Jon Catto's 1975 Dodge Van "Sacrifice"
Jon Catto tells all about keeping his 1975 Dodge Van "Sacrifice" original. Filmed By John Koterba at the 2017 45th Van Nationals, Mansfield, Ohio. Lightning Videos.

Collection of Cool and Custom Vans

HotRodHarrys 1973 Dodge 70's Custom Flames Van Inside(SOLD)
HotRodHarrys 1973 Dodge Custom 70's Van...As she was created back in the early 1970's (NOT RESTORED) ....Love Custom 70's Vans!! Originally from the North Dakota/Wisconsin/Minnesto Show Van Era..won many awards back then ..original owner who painted the van in 73 was Mark Schneck..sold in 1974 To Tommy Berkhartsmeier(Photos from back in 74 are on here when Tommy owned it) off the show room floor of Watertown Wisconsin Dodge customized with the paint..and shag she is now.....he traveled from North Dakota to California to the Florida Keys up the East Coast and back to North 4 months the van went 18,000 miles (Tommy said he had the time of his life) ...was not named Denny's Dynasty then...Tommy sold it in around 1975 to Dennis Brossart (aka Denny) He is The creator of Denny's Dynasty...(he sold his 70 AAR Cuda that he bought when he got back from the war..and sold it later in 75 to buy the van)) Denny did all the flares..sunroof..mural on back...fur inside...side door gates.....dash..overhead console..inside lamps....the inset leather snake skin areas...the Vantrekk Grille...Rear Wing...So glad I finally found Denny of Denny's Dynasty!! It took him from 75 to 78 to do all the work to Denny's Dynasty....won many events back then in North Dakota and did a few vanning events also....Denny's Dynasty lived the true Vanning 70's life (updated 11-16-14).....he sold it after storing Denny's Dynasty for around the early 90s to a guy that traded it into a Chevy dealership...the last he heard it had been sold at an auto auction in Fargo ND....then the rest is history.....after that last ND owner it went back to Wisconsin and now with me in New Jersey Will let the photos do the talking......enjoy. (Has a Very Rare Vantrekk Grille from back in the 70's) Even the floor and rear seating are 5 inches of padding...very comfy for fun and sleeping..if you do The engine is brand new ...making 500hp 500 trq. ...the original 318 bored and stroked to a 395 cu. in. engine...aluminium heads..intake...demon 750 carb...solid lifter cam ... forged pistons...forged I beam rods.....headers ...zoomies....727 Torqueflite automatic trans for a 3,000 stall converter...etc..etc...The Inside and Outside are as she was created back in the 1970's . 500 Mopar horsepower now too! For more my website or find us on Facebook 700,000 fans there!!..Twitter or Instagram

Classic Custom Vans
If you love classic custom vans, check out these vans I saw at a car show. It's the first time I've ever seen a custom classic van section at a car show. These were great examples of everything that's awesome about custom vans. Shag carpeting, murals on the side, beds in the back, wood paneling. Great stuff! I'm glad people are still building custom vans and showing them off. Some of these vans belong to members of the Wheels of Confusion van club.