s10 vortec v6 rear mount turbo very small turbo burnout

great sound but doesnt build Boost. just testing am getting bigger turbo put on soon

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4.3L Turbo S-10
My buddy marks turbo s-10 at the track... Been building for over 3 years, first time at the track, entirely custom 12.5psi, Ford 8.8, caltracs, linelock, MT's. Thanks to my family for putting up with the late nites in the garage and the loud Exhaust at 1am. Whether we were out beating up on corvettes or sitting on the side of the road with blown parts, my friends were there and that has made all the difference.

ebay build rear mount gt45 turbo s10 4.3 v6
So here is the video its been a little time sense the last video because i was tiding it up a bit and doing the body work you know the regular s10 rust but here it is about 90% complete just needs the traction bars installed and some tiding up with the oil lines and wires there hanging and in plain sight and then its going to get painted gunmetal gray. Ebay parts list and other parts 262CI 4.3 V6 auto transmission EBay GT45 turbo 68mm compressor wheel 1.05a/r on 11 psi $270 EBay 38mm mini wastegate 7 psi spring open dump $60 custom built fmu I used a Ebay internal wastegate $40 and a half inch on/off valve $7 to HELP control fuel under Boost Ebay oil scavenger pump $85 Ebay Intercooler piping $100 Ebay 3.5 inch v-band $25 Ebay t4 turbo flange $20 Ebay 2 1/2 inch 90 degree mandrel bend $27 Ebay 3 inch 45 degree mandrel bend $30 Ebay 2 1/2 to 3 inch Exhaust adapter $8 Ebay 4 inch carbon fiber cone filter $5.10¢ Boost gauge advanced auto $40 O'Reillys 3 inch turndown after the turbo $8 $35 hobbs pressure switch from Napa set to 5-psi to turn on the extra fuel pump for nos sprayer $10 Nitrous 50 shot sprayer for fuel of course Free fuel pump for extra sprayer Ebay mini spool rearend (posi) $38 And about $250 in oil line and clamps n fittings an odds & n's Like share and subscribe for more!!!

BED-MOUNTED Turbo Truck @ SCT Indy!
We've seen some crazy sh*t when we go to car events, but this is right up there with one of the nuttiest turbo placements EVER! Check out this truck - LSx, big turbo, and a CRAZY LOUD SPOOLIN' bed-side down-pipe Exhaust!! We decided to take advantage of the rare opportunity to jump in the bed and ride shotgun along side his turbo in this extremely unique S10.

JUST A VIDEO WITH PICS OF MY INSTALL PARTS, RUNNING AND A LIL FUN! :) it says on 6psi but i have recently got my hptuners programmer, 44lb injectors, and now running 10psi till engine build