Chevy Silverado HD Acceleration Test 1

The tests include acceleration, passing, and braking tests, all conducted with a loaded bed, or in some cases, a loaded trailer. Other tests measure the effectiveness of the Exhaust brakes on long downgrades and the stiffness of the frames during twist-ditch simulations. Competitors were diesel-powered 2011 Ford Super Duties, and in some tests, 2011 Dodge Ram HDs.

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2010 stock silverado 5.3 top speed
Just having a little fun :)

2007 Chevy silverado 0-60
5.3L silverado 1500 2 door regular cab. Upgraded computer and k&n cold air intake, dual Exhaust and transmission shifts firmed up as well.

2013 Chevy Tahoe 0-60 Acceleration
Got this as a rental for our trip to orlando. It was a good car. Drove like a boat though. Not enough power from a V8. Did 3 runs. Please hit the thumbs up. Thanks

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