BLACKHEART SRT8 vs SNIPER GT mustang 4-valve Round 1

BLACKHEART SRT8 vs SNIPER GT Mustang 4-valve Round 1 in Dragg City! The Chrysler is a black on black 300 with the big hemi engine and a 100 shot of Nitrous and drag radials (11.9@117mph) racing against a laser red 96 Mustang Gt with a engine swapped 4 valve cobra engine and a 5 speed transmission and street tires. The two sleepers battle it out on private property in Dragg City 2011!

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TERMINATION Cobra vs BLACKHEART Srt8 Chrysler 300!
Supercharger vs Nitrous in Dragg City! TERMINATION 2003 Cobra vs BLACKHEART Srt8 Hemi on Nitrous Rounds 1, 2, and 3! These races are from the first encounter (oldest) of these two titans on a private test facility in Dragg City! The black-on-black 4 door Chrysler 300 has Exhaust mods, CAI, drag radials, and a 100 shot of Nitrous, running 11.9@117mph at the drag strip. The mineral gray 03 Cobra supercharged Mustang is on a stock ported eaton blower at 15 psi, Exhaust, tune, solid axle and drag radials having ran mid 11's at the drag strip. Check out my channel and subscribe for more racing videos! Check out my channel Channel Partner videos:

BLACKHEART Srt8 Chrysler 300 close up checking nitrous bottle pressure
11 second BLACKHEART Srt8 Chrysler 300 close up checking Nitrous bottle pressure in Dragg City before having a little fun, check out the races with Termination and the Junkyard Dog chevy truck on my channel!

GMC Topkick 6500 huge truck at Cruisefest 2011, Kilkare Dragway
GMC Topkick 6500, huge truck at Cruisefest 2011, Kilkare Dragway. Of all the cool custom trucks and cars I saw at this crazy event, this was my favorite truck, this thing was a monster I had never seen before! If you like big huge diesel trucks, black smoke, heavy machinery and other unique automotive vehicles, make sure you check out the GARAG3 for tons more close up videos:

Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler spotted 2015
Cruising through Maineville Ohio, May 2015, automotive enthusiast Aries Xecutioner comes across a custom gray and red, Jurassic Park themed Jeep Wrangler parked at the gas station. Always thought it would be cool to ride around in one of these or better yet, get a few of them together and film my own Lost World/Jurassic Park scenes for my own mini movie. Anyways I have come across these JP themed Jeeps before, check out the link below for the first JP Jeep I encountered: If you like cool custom cars spotted in nature in the highways, roads and parking lots of south western Ohio, make sure you check out my channel for more movie themed and replica cars and trucks: