Pontiac G8 GT

Pontiac g8 gt with slp longstubes with high flow cats...2.5 flowmaster cat back..

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Pontiac G8 GT
Tuned Pontiac G8 GT 345hp and 367lbs

G8 GXP mufflers VS GT modified mufflers.
The first start up is with GXP mufflers on a mainly stock G8 GT Exhaust. I have removed the mid muffler and resonators and replaced with an X-pipe. GXP's are very throaty at startup and from in the cabin, a very nice deep mellow tone. They sound mean at WOT, but simply cruising around they are very mellow. A little drone at highway speed, but nothing a little music won't get rid of. The GT mufflers (with the SLP tips) I had cut open, removed half the fiberglass from the first (larger) chamber, also cut the perforated pipe located in the middle (largest) chamber of each muffler. They sound very good, not as loud as the GXPs obviously, but a nice alternative if the GXPs are too much. They almost resemble the SLP powerflo mufflers. They sound quiet while cruising, a touch louder than stock, but do have more drone at highway speeds than the GXP mufflers do with this setup. Thanks for Watching

Pontiac 455 Rebuild and Dyno results
Engine was overbuilt to allow easy HP gain with bolt on parts later. Running a 66 Tri Power with stock #64 455 Heads, Oliver rods, Ross pistons, Eagle forged crank. This engine will be installed in my 1966 Catalina that I am currently restoring.

G8 gt with cut outs
Custom cam (EPS) 226/234 629/604 113+2 BTR dual Platinum 660 lift springs with titinam retainers BTR harden push rods LS7 lifters Trunion Upgrade DOD Delete Kooks Long Tube Header System (1 7/8"x 3") Kooks 3" Catted X-pipe Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake Missed adding these parts. Below. Their on it now. Rcr intake Ported throttle body..