2011 SCCA Spec Miata Runoffs Road America - full video Danny Steyn

2011 SCCA Runoffs Road America - Spec Miata race. In car camera from Danny Steyn #39. Have a REALLY WILD SLIDE through the kink on lap 1 (2:52) in the slick conditions. Takes another 6 laps before I can flat foot it through the kink. After Tech and protests, I end up finishing in 5th place. Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Products for his wonderful spec miata engines, Traqmate for their excellent data package, and OPM Autosports for the best in trackside support. SPONSORS www.rossiniracing.com www.traqmate.com www.opmautosports.com www.adeptstudios.com

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2016 VIR Majors SM Race 2 - How to go from 14th to 6th to 28th to 9th
Not my finest day at VIR! Several years ago I overcame a 16th place qualifying and drove to the win, so I was hoping I could overcome my 14th place start. Well I went from 14th to 6th by Turn 5 and then promptly drove myself off at Oak Tree, falling back to 28th. Then together with Michael Ross we put on a demonstration of team driving and moved up into the top 10, and I finished 9th when Michael went wide at the top of Hog Pen. All in all a fun ride!

The Comeback at Laguna Seca: SCCA STL / Spec Miata Racing - Doug Makishima
Driver: Doug Makishima -- Hit twice at the start and got spun around just before turn 2. Half the field goes by. Time to play catch up!!! One of my best drives. Version w/o music here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXF1vsf8Sj8 10/02/2011 SCCA Race at Laguna Seca. Driver: Doug Makishima Car: Spec Miata #52 entered in STL class. Music by: GNR, Go Home Productions, DJ Dosvec and DJ Earworm. I do not own the music content. Note: Search for "The Comeback at Laguna Seca: STL/Spec Miata Racing (Sans Music Track)" to watch the version of this video without the music.

2016 NOLA "Majors" | Race 2 | SCCA Spec Miata Selin M. Rollan
GoPro footage from the inside of Selin M. Rollan's SCCA Majors NOLA Motorsports Park victory from February 28th, 2016! Rollan, the current points leader after 6 of the 10 race season, battles Andrew Carbonell, Blake Clements, Alex Bolanos, Chris Halderman, and the rest of the 35+ spec Miatas. Selin's post race interview: http://www.scca.com/videos/2026040

2013 SCCA Runoffs Spec Miata Danny Steyn - FULL
Full video from the 2013 SCCA Runoffs at Road America. Video from Danny Steyn's Spec Miata car #39. After Steyn loses a gearbox in the critical Q1 session, and weather skunks the latter qualifying sessions, Steyn starts the race in the 26th position and drives through the field to finish on the podium in 3rd place. Steyn wins the GoPro HERO move of the race for his drive to the finish.