Audi RS6 R8 Supercar Crash

Audi RS6 Supercar Crash happened after video

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Audi RS6 C7 avant+ nearly crash audi rs6 c6 avant
amazing sounds!

How to wreck Lamborghinis? Watch this compilation (only Videos, no pictures) HD
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Audi R8 Spyder massive crash
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 This is an unbelievable view of a car crash happening at a high rate of speed. Please drive carefully! In 2011 while on the Bullrun rally I witnessed a massive accident unfold right in front of me. The driver of the Audi R8 Spyder was changing lanes and did not see the Mercedes SL55 next to him and made contact with the car at a high rate of speed. Once he made contact with the Mercedes the R8 bounced off and lost control causing him to slam into the back of a Honda. Both the Audi and the Honda entered the fast lane where the car I was riding in was traveling and we came extremely close to being tangled up in the accident as well. The Mercedes that was involved in the accident was owned by Ice T and he pulled over to check the damage to his car and was able to continue driving. The cause of the accident according to the police report was a blown out tire and the Audi R8 was a total write off.

Audi RS6 Crash
27-FEB-07 Driver Survives Accident where Car is Cut in Two A car, an Audi, was cut in two as the result of a horiffic traffic accident on Friday evening. The accident happened on the road between Goesdorf and Dahl, shortly after 17:00, when its driver lost control and collided with a roadside tree (first picture / white marked). The impact broke the car in two. Amazingly, the driver survived the crash unharmed and was found in the wreckage when the emergency services arrived on the scene. He was not belted! The police believe that excessive speed (ca. 170 km/h) was a contributory factor in the accident.