AT Power Duratec Throttle Bodies

AT Power direct to head Ford Duratec Throttle Bodies. Ran on a modified duratec 2.0 engine at Scholar Race Engines to compare to other systems available. The graphs show our straight 42mm system making 268bhp, and the tapered system with 50mm trumpets making 271bhp. The 45mm conventional throttle bodies made 263bhp. Sorry I didn't get any high load video, I was busy watching the screens.

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Mountune Racing Duratec
Mountune Performance presents a glimpse of a Mountune Racing 220BHP 2.0L Duratec on one of our five test cells.

Duratec Engine Re-Build - JAMSPORT
Duratec Engine Re-Build for Fiesta ST Race Car. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Follow us on: Twitter @JAMSPORTRACING Instagram @JAMSPORTUK Facebook/JAMSPORT

ST170 first start
ST170 powered mk1 Escort, first start

How to: Fix swirl flaps & save your engine (Ford Duratec HE, Mondeo/Focus/et al)
...or, the Swirl Flaps of Death! Early Duratec HE motors had problematic tumble flaps which tended to fail and dump pieces of their metal rod into the engine's intake ports, leading to disaster. Later versions of the manifold improved the design but they still wear and fail, and any presence of port flaps is a risk that all owners should understand. As outlined in the video, you have two extremes to choose between: 1) Renew the entire inlet manifold with a replacement from Ford. You need to make sure to get the final design iteration, and you also need to upgrade the PCV components and oil separator as their design changed too. 2) Delete the flaps completely by removing them and their rod, and sealing up the actuator hole. This permanently eliminates failure risk at the expense of losing the flaps' benefits (small increase in fuel usage and emissions). Shown in the video is a 3rd compromise option which may be possible if your rod is not too badly worn: 3) Replace any worn flaps, flip bushings and rod 180 degrees to shift wear points (can only be done once), and reinspect in the future. Ford do not sell the rod as a part, and the bushings are stupidly overpriced, so inability to reuse these mandates option #1. Amazon link for the flap assemblies (x4): Part # for the bushings for the record: Ford 1317278 (x2) If you need to replace the manifold gaskets, the part # (individual, you need four) is Ford 1119284 ... Amazon US: | Amazon UK: ... and the EGR inlet seal # is Ford 1119833. Removing the intake manifold: (Using the above Amazon links helps support my channel and is appreciated!) References & credits ~ Early yellow flap assemblies: Gamble, post #144 The Mondeo manifold saga: Robert Jenkins, Flaps vibration inside manifold: CamaroZ22M,