AT Power Duratec Throttle Bodies

AT Power direct to head Ford Duratec Throttle Bodies. Ran on a modified duratec 2.0 engine at Scholar Race Engines to compare to other systems available. The graphs show our straight 42mm system making 268bhp, and the tapered system with 50mm trumpets making 271bhp. The 45mm conventional throttle bodies made 263bhp. Sorry I didn't get any high load video, I was busy watching the screens.

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Mountune Racing Duratec
Mountune Performance presents a glimpse of a Mountune Racing 220BHP 2.0L Duratec on one of our five test cells.

JRE 2.5 c20xe engine dyno run, throttle bodies view, for mk2 escort rally car
JRE Racing Engines 2.5 vauxhall xe engine on the Dyno, we saw 315bhp and 236lb of torque. If you would like more info on our engines and the kits we sell just visit: or e-mail us at: lots more Dyno videos to come hope you enjoy our work.

How to Clean an Electronic Throttle Body Safely
This is the best throttle body cleaner to use on the consumer market- creative=390957&creativeASIN=B000M8PYO2&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=L5 JMFLVLGKMLLLP3 In this video I show you the proper precautions to take when cleaning an advance throttle body as shown.

Honda K20 Throttle Bodies engine
Same Z-Cars mini. Aparently this car ran 220bhp before we touched it on another rolling road, but the RR we used said it was 196 (different RRs, different figures I guess?). Anyway it was upto 231 atf on the lower reading RR, with the injectors at 100% max duty cycle at 3.5Bar fuel pressure. Gives an indication of what it might make on another RR... Sorry about the imagine quality, was pretty dark in there!