Cadillac escalade EXT VS GMC Sierra 4.8

اسكاليد حوض 6.2 مع حمس 4.8 فلتر هجرز برمجة القومة دحدره 40 اقدم عليه سيارة الى 180 يصير جمبي (( الله يلعن القير 4 نمر )) Cadillac escalade EXT Stock VS GMC Sierra 4.8 boltons tune

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Limit Pushing - Cadillac Escalade Top Speed Test
Cadillac Escalade High Speed Test (Top Speed Limited: 106 mph) Engine: 6.2 L Vortec 6200 V8 Hrsepower: 403 @ 5700 Torque: 417 @ 4400 Transmission: 6-speed automatic Curb weight: 5,761 lb Class: Premium Large Sport-utility Vehicle In 1998 Ford launched the Lincoln Navigator into the automotive market. GM quickly devised a response to the Navigator and in 1999 GM introduced the first generation of the Escalade. The original Escalade was launched with the 5.7 L Vortec 5700 V8 at 255 hp engine and Autotrac selectable 4x4. Over the years the Escalade became infamous for having almost identical designs as the Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali. GM did not produce a 2001 Escalade but instead redesigned the SUV for the 2002 model year. In 2004 the Escalade received many different changes to the luxury of the vehicle including optional 20 inch rims, XM satellite radio, second-row bucket seats, and a tire pressure monitoring system. In 2005 a Platinum edition of the Escalade was introduced. The Platinum edition featured heated and cooled cup holders, 20 inch chrome wheels, moon roof, three DVD screens, and chrome accents on the steering wheel and grille. In 2007 the Escalade underwent another remodeling. The 2007 Escalade's engine is an all-aluminum 6.2 L Vortec V8. This pushrod engine includes variable valve timing, a first in a mass-produced non-overhead cam engine. The engine produces 403 hp (23 hp more than the GMC Yukon Denali) and 417 lbs of torque. The Escalade comes with a six-speed 6L80 automatic transmission.

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