Magical Mystery Tour

When do you think we can take a space trip? Music: Magical Mystery Tour by Beatles

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SUCURI NA PISTA!!! São José do Rio Pardo...,1,192464,entretenimento,a-tarde-e-su a,meninas-afogadas-em-mg-vao-ser-exumadas-2 olha o link ai, nossa filmagem passou na REDETV no programa da SONIA ABRÃO!!!!!!


Ouch On Ice: 2008 Olympics Preview
A hilarious clip of things going wrong on the ice at the Olympics.

UFO Peru Meteorite Cusco meteor disburses UFO fleet over Machu Picchu 8/25/2011
This incredible UFO fleet was caught on tape by Domingo Calvo of Southern Peru while his family was on vacation in Machu Picchu just hours after a huge meteor passed over Cusco Peru. Domingo set his camera down for a moment not knowing he was filming this event. several of the children at the site noticed many glowing orbs dashing through the sky as they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. More information to come on this event.