Magical Mystery Tour

When do you think we can take a space trip? Music: Magical Mystery Tour by Beatles

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tsunamui real video
i really have no idea where this video is from !! but uploaded is bc its so awesome guys!!

Viral video provides clues to 747 crash
A video purportedly showing a 747 crash may offer clues to what happened. This video may be graphic for some viewers.

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Charter Bus in Rock Tunnel
NOTE: Thank you for your continued support by both letting the ads play and clicking on ads. Every little bit helps. Ok...on with the show! I and my family took a vacation to the area around Rapid City, SD. This included a drive through the Needles Highway, part of a longer scenic highway system( Near one of the entrances was this granite tunnel through which was traversing this charter bus. As a bus driver myself I was mesmerized by this attempt and truly believed the bus was not going to make it. See for yourself! By the way, I wanted to mention a couple of other things. First, I recently added "closed captions." Viewers can now read the text of my commentary in a language other than English. Second, someone on YouTube has copied, edited and posted to YouTube this original video. I have contacted YouTube regarding this violation of the TOS, but have yet to hear from them, and the pirated video is still up. Thank you for supporting my original content by not only watching this video here on my channel, where it belongs, but also by not watching the pirated video. Your encouragement of your friends and family to do the same is greatly appreciated. Thanks again, and enjoy!