Lil Wayne's Car Collection Then and Now (Veyron, Maybach, SLS AMG, etc)

Lil Wayne's Car Collection - presents Lil Wayne's hot car collection including his Bugatti Veyron, SLS AMG, and more! See more at

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From Rolls Royces to a Bugatti and even a Mini cooper, T-Pain has one of the most versatile fleets (and EXPENSIVE) fleets around. Hang with the super star singer as he tells us about his rise to fame and explains how he acquired his Bugatti Veyron.

Lebron James Car Collection - Lebron's Camaro SS, Bentley, Ferrari F430
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Rapper Drake's Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir in Downtown Toronto (Yorkville)
Like the video if you enjoyed it and also subscribe to my channel for more! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Ok, I admit the "YOLO SWAG" part at the end was stupid, but my decision to say it was a spur of the moment thing. Also, I thought it was funny back then (now I know better). Also, I've been noticing that some people are reuploading my videos without my permission. Please do not reupload any of my videos without my permission. I am actively scouting for reuploads of this video on YouTube, and I will report violators for copyright infringement, sooner or later. Anyways, I have spotted a Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir belonging to Drake (the rapper) leaving a hotel in the Yorkville area of Downtown Toronto. This spot is special to me as I've had a huge interest in that Veyron years before Drake even owned it, despite the numerous Veyrons I have seen in the past. That's right, I took a video of the car for the car itself, not the person owning it! Fortunately for me, the current owner drives it more than the previous one, as I had difficulty spotting that same car in the past (it wasn't being driven a lot at the time). It is one of the small handful of Veyrons in Canada and is one of the three Veyron Sang Noirs in North America. The fact that it is rare in this part of the world makes spotting one here even better! Video includes scenes of the car leaving plus a shot of the interior. #SWAG #YOLO #BUGATTIMONEY

5 Million Dollar Underground Garage Check this unbelievable underground garage out from the guys at Channel8ent. You can see more from these guys channel at: The owner spent 5 million dollars, including the air craft carrier type elevator platform to create one of the most expensive and incredible garages ever built. I will admit though that I was a little disappointed by the type of cars he hidden in this garage. You never know though, chances are, his car collection was hidden. This 5 million dollar garage though is impressive. Be sure to head over to Channel 8 Entertainment for more spectacular rooms: