Boosted 2JZ Twin Turbo 65 Mustang - Turbo cobra

Boosted twin turbo 65 Mustang. Resolved stumbling issues at part throttle and accelleration. Don't ask me what it was, too embarrasing. 2JZ Twin turbo 65 Mustang. Supra engine in 65 Mustang. Showing autometer gauges, and a cruise around the ghetto neighborhood showing off the Donk and some BOV noise

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Twin turbo mustang ride to the airport - Turbo Cobra
Son takes father to the airport in twin turbocharged 65 Mustang. This is the car that we started when Matt was 15. Check out the rest of our videos on this project.

1965 Mustang Crash - 2JZ-GTE Engine Conversion - The 65 Mustang is Alive! - Supra Engine Swap
This video is an update on the 65 Mustang with the 2JZ-GTE engine conversion that was wrecked 2 years ago. The 1965 Mustang crash happend on a wet roads in the Dallas area. Go checkout more videos on this cool Mustang Everything Garage Channel: Christmas day video sharing an update on the 2JZ twin turbo Mustang. The car has been in storage for a couple of years, it has now been resurrected and is back up and running, and being worked on. Behind the Scenes Youtube Channel: Follow me on Social Media: Instagram - Facebook - Website -

DID WE FIX IT? GT45 Turbo 6.0 LS Foxbody | Plus a RARE Ford powered Mustang and Golf Cart Repairs
After hurting our 6.0 truck motor, swapping in a 5.3 L33, pulling the oil pan off the L33 in the car only to have to remove the whole engine again, and putting the original 6.0 back in with a new rod and piston from the Sloppy Mechanic, we are over working on this car for awhile. Lets hope it doesn't make anymore noises and goes back to being the indestructible burnout machine it once was. This episode is a bit all over the place. First we mess with the Sh!thorse and test it the only way you test a Sh!thorse... Burnouts. After that Fred shows up with a new to him vehicle, we take a closer look at Clayton's 8 second street car Mustang, a rare Ford powered example, and we spend some time working on our golf cart! Less work and more partying in this video, but that's how it goes sometimes! Drop a like if you enjoyed, and if you are not subscribed yet what are you waiting for?? JOIN THE SPP ARMY! Thanks for watching! Instagram @ SPPTVonYouTube Facebook @ SPPTV YouTube

Twin Turbo Mustang Drifting (sort of) in the Parking Lot
Thinking maybe the catchy title might get more views? lol, not really driving, more like Matt giving his best imitation of Driving Miss Daisy around the parking lot