1973 Plymouth RoadRunner

This is my 1973 Plymouth RoadRunner 440 Four Barrel four Speed. Hotrods kick so much ass.

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Road Runner & Coyote - Little Go Beep + Deutscher Untertitel
Meine aller alleaa supa dupa dollste liebste Lieblings Folge *.* Ich war mal so, und habe eine freie Übersetzung gemacht ;) Einfach den Untertitel aktivieren ^^

Roadrunner vs coyote drag racing
beep beep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

Game Over Coyote
King Anthony- An Animated Music Video I did. I don't recall the exact motivation. All I know is that I heard the song and wanted to have a video based on it, that had some kind of lop-sided conflict. It all came together after that Made: March 18, 2005 Music: Alexa Vega's "Game Over" Video: Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner