How to Fix 4x4 Truck Front Hub 1984 Chevy

This is Just some Cuts.. it took me Longer because i can ONLY work so Long and it starts Hurting me allot in My Lower Back ... and my Right shoulder is Still Not right to this Day

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4x4 Chev Front Axle Fix
Fixing that broken front drive axle shaft on the old plow truck. It has been a long while since doing this on my Dodge and slightly different setup. THANKS FOR WATCHING

Back Yard Mechanics 4x4 Automatic Changed to Manual Brought to You By Paul Pease
Changing F150 Automatic 4x4 lockouts to manual lockouts. 11 months hosting for the price of one month $9.95 donation link.

1979-1987 Chevy 8 Lug 4x4 Pads Rotor Hub Assembly Replacement
This Video Shows How to Replace Rotors Hubs And Wheel bearing on 1979-1987 Chevy Or GMC 8 Lug 4x4 It May Cover More I'm not Sure Brake Rotor & Hub Assembly make=Chevrolet&model=K20%2BSuburban%2B4WD&vi=1408542&ck=Search_03841_140854 2_3653&categoryRedirect=03841&pt=03841&ppt=C0055 Brake Pads =Chevrolet&model=K20%2BSuburban%2B4WD&vi=1408542&ck=Search_03351_1408542_36 53&rpl=1&categoryRedirect=03351&pt=03351 Wheel Bearing And Race Set(Front Outer) Chevrolet&model=K20%2BSuburban%2B4WD&vi=1408542&ck=Search_wheel+bearing_C00 55_1408542_3653&keyword=wheel+bearing&pt=C0055&ppt=C0337 Wheel Bearing(Front Inner) make=Chevrolet&model=K20%2BSuburban%2B4WD&vi=1408542&ck=Search_wheel+bearin g_C0055_1408542_3653&keyword=wheel+bearing&pt=C0055&ppt=C0337 Wheel Seal ke=Chevrolet&model=K20%2BSuburban%2B4WD&vi=1408542&ck=Search_wheel+bearing_ C0055_1408542_3653&keyword=wheel+bearing&pt=C0055&ppt=C0337 Wheel Bearing Grease el+bearing+grease_1408542_3653&keyword=wheel+bearing+grease Brake Hardware e=Chevrolet&model=K20%2BSuburban%2B4WD&vi=1408542&ck=Search_disc+brake+hard ware+kit_1408542_3653&keyword=disc+brake+hardware+kit Caliper Guide Pins e=Chevrolet&model=K20%2BSuburban%2B4WD&vi=1408542&ck=Search_brake+caliper+b olt%21s%21pin_1408542_3653&keyword=brake+caliper+bolt%21s%21pin Locking Hub Bolt 0021_MIL_1408542_3653&mn=MileMarker&mc=MIL&pt=N0021&ppt=C0339 4x4 Spindle Socket 18_1408542_3653&pt=N0718&ppt=C0374 Titan - Hex Key Set N1964_TTN_1408542_3653&mn=Titan&mc=TTN&pt=N1964&ppt=C0216 Titan - Hex Key Set 64_TTN_1408542_3653&mn=Titan&mc=TTN&pt=N1964&ppt=C0216 Flare Nut Wrench Set 975_1408542_3653&pt=N1975&ppt=C0216