Easy way to make a motor perform to a huge variety of speed or torque settings without having to waste time and money on a custom manufactured order that can't replicate it. Check out my other videos showing this little enhanced motor under load at PMMG4HYBRID. By precise placement of powerful neo magnets to alter the internal permanent magnetic stator field of this DC motor, the flux saturation or desaturation will create an adjustable supermotor from the ordinary. Factory spec output speed and well beyond or higher torque with lower rpm will then be obtained due to modified magnetic fields.

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Electric DIY scooter/bike: silent, clean and cheap.
Here I am presenting my DIY project - scooter convertion, from 2T gasoline to 3 phase electric. Since you probably don't understand a word I am saying (language is Lithuanian and my home country is Lithuania), carry on watching second part of the video, there you will find some technical material. Part two:

Free power from a recycled washing machine, generating enough to live off the grid
A step by step guide showing how to convert a smartdrive washing machine into a pelton wheel dc generator making 780 watts, the power is fed into a small battery bank & inverter - generating enough power to live off the grid. All you need is a head of water. I am using water from my stream to spin the turbine. Follow this link for the video showing how to rewire the stator

300000 RPM Fast magnet wireless motor
motor electromagnetico con rotor de neomidio funcionando a 300000 RPM

UFO / Tesla Motor Tests
This is an explanations on how important understanding the KV of the motor is. Also there is a look into the work of UFOpolitics as it pertains to a Tesla technology enhanced motor. There are also some tips here and there that might be useful. The motor modification and Tesla theories are talked about in depth at:: ASYMMETRIC ELECTRO-MAGNETIC ROTATING METHODOLOGY FOR MOTORS AND GENERATORS ASSEMBLIES. ynamic-machines.html If you are interested in a DIY gauss meter you might be interested in this link: sive-hall-effect-gaussmeter/ If a person is making good use of the output side of a device there should be no change in the input current draw or the speed of the device when the load is applied to the output. It is even better if there is an energy savings on the input when the output is loaded. If the output is strong enough and Lenz Law free it might be possible to self run the device and load, Look at this video to get an idea of what I'm talking about.