Easy way to make a motor perform to a huge variety of speed or torque settings without having to waste time and money on a custom manufactured order that can't replicate it. Check out my other videos showing this little enhanced motor under load at PMMG4HYBRID. By precise placement of powerful neo magnets to alter the internal permanent magnetic stator field of this DC motor, the flux saturation or desaturation will create an adjustable supermotor from the ordinary. Factory spec output speed and well beyond or higher torque with lower rpm will then be obtained due to modified magnetic fields.

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Electric DIY scooter/bike: silent, clean and cheap.
Here I am presenting my DIY project - scooter convertion, from 2T gasoline to 3 phase electric. Since you probably don't understand a word I am saying (language is Lithuanian and my home country is Lithuania), carry on watching second part of the video, there you will find some technical material. Part two:

The Revolver Cam Engine (Previously known as the Dynacam engine).wmv
Detailed explanation behind the workings and testing of the Cam Engine.

Gyroscopic Inertia Pulse Motor Generator DEMO - 3 new inventions - one machine
A Gyroscopic Resonant Inertia Pulse Motor Generator in an open synchronized condition. The large moment of inertia of the gyro flywheel helps resist a change in motion under load of its inboard 3-phase alternator. If load is excessive, it breaks free to freewheel, and resynchronizes as the condition changes. Driven by a new highly efficient multi-rotor pulse motor. New inventions from

PMBO 2013 ~Russ's Final Entry Video... OVER 1/2 Million RPM NEO Sphere Air Bearing With ABHA Coil.
PMBO 2013 ~Russ's Final Entry Video... OVER 1/2 Million RPM 588,000RPM NEO Sphere Air Bearing With ABHA Coil. other entry will be posted here: