Easy way to make a motor perform to a huge variety of speed or torque settings without having to waste time and money on a custom manufactured order that can't replicate it. Check out my other videos showing this little enhanced motor under load at PMMG4HYBRID. By precise placement of powerful neo magnets to alter the internal permanent magnetic stator field of this DC motor, the flux saturation or desaturation will create an adjustable supermotor from the ordinary. Factory spec output speed and well beyond or higher torque with lower rpm will then be obtained due to modified magnetic fields.

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Paul Scheerbart's Wheel. Movimiento Perpetuo
Please, watch short history of Paul Sheerbart and his creation: on-wheels/

Helicopter in a box 1st flight.
CH-7 Angel Helicopter first hover n flight. Version 1.3 + 62.

Homemade BB Drive Electric Bicycle
This bicycle has a Unite MY1018Z 450W 24V motor attached to the cranks. The motor has a 7.18:1 gear reduction built into the motor itself, and there is an addtional 4:1 reduction from the motor to the cranks. I have a special freewheeling crank system that allows the motor to turn the chain and the pedals to remain stationary. I also have a Megarange freewheeling sprocket in which the smallest gear has 14 teeth, and the largest is 34 teeth. This gearing allows for a maximum speed of 28mph. Normal cruising is around 20 mph with no hills or wind. The beauty of this system is that I can use my bicycle's six gears to match road conditions. The motor sprocket has a freewheel so that if I pedal without the motor, there is no drag caused by the motor itself. Check out my video for making the freewheel sprocket on the motor: Also check out my video of how I build my freewheel crankset with triple chainrings: A link to this bicycle is now live here:

11 inch Magnetic Motor
Overview of the motor assembly. Come see this powering a generator at our October Zero Point Convention in Ohio: Short clip showing prototype Motor being run off of SSG circuit. 72 strands of #18ga wire. 4" x 2" x 1" neo magnets that pull 300lbs each. 1 1/8" shaft. Another motor has been made similar to this one: Can be ordered here This motor on a boat: